SUSC Maine 2017 Summer Camp Series

The 2017 Premier Soccer Camps are now available!  All other summer camps coming soon!  Click on camp calendars to the left for more information. Seacoast United Maine offers many soccer camps throughout the summer, ranging from fun and educational Community Camps intended for recreational and travel level players, to High School/College Preseason Camps, Advanced Day and Residential/Overnight camps intended for very experienced travel, club and high school players. 

We are always looking to share our professional coaching staff and continued support to new towns so if you would like Seacoast United Blackbear to offer a camp or lend support to your community, please call 207-922-1014, or contact Branden Noltkamper at

Camp Offerings

Camp Blackbear:
"...Summer Recreational Camp for children 7-14 years old, located at the Seacoast United Sports Complex (510 Wilson St. Brewer). Sign your child up to enjoy a weeks worth of full day of recreational games, individual and teams sports, and mini-trips to Playland Adventures, the Bangor-Brewer Bowling Lanes and the Brewer Municipal Pool..."  

Community Camps:
"...are geared towards recreational and travel level players who are looking to have a great time while working on their individual skills. Each week we will play lots of fun, ‘teaching games’ which utilize new and existing skills..."

Specialized Camps:

"...focus on the individual skills needed to score, get into position and make runs off the ball. Finishing is more than 1 v 1 with a keeper..." & "...SUSC’s Goalkeeper School will focus on technical aspects of the position, including:  GK-specific warm up, footwork, ball handling skills, shot-stopping, proper diving technique, positionin and angled play, distribution, and more..." 

High School & College Prep Preseason Camps:
SUSC-Maine’s High School Preseason Camps are designed to prepare freshmen, junior varsity, and varsity players for the upcoming fall season.  Players will work in small groups with specific functional activity.  The coaches will focus on individual skills in defending, attacking, finishing, and transition play.  Regardless of position, players will be exposed to all areas of the game to help them understand the different functions of the team. Come prepare for your season and be ready to make an impact on your team today!..."



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