2017/18 Seacoast United Maine North
Do you want to play for Seacoast United Maine?


Seacoast United Maine North is a club for players of all ability levels. The club works extremely hard to provide opportunities to any player that wants to participate.   For the 2017/18 season Seacoast United Maine North teams will compete in a number of State Leagues, including  The New England Developmental League, The Maine State Premier Legaue and The Pine Tree League and our Premier level teams will continue to compete in a Regional League (The New England Premiership).

Teams are placed in appropriately competitive leagues to ensure quality competition for player development, at an appropriate price point and travel expectancy. The primary focus of the Club has been and will always be about player development and the success of our teams is a biproduct of this philosophy.

Links to the left will provide information about times and locations of tryouts. Specific information on our 2017-2018 club teams will be available at tryouts.

For more information on tryouts or the 2017/18 Blackbear Teams please contact Club Director - Pete McDonnell: 207-922-1015 or by email at: pmcdonnell@seacoastunited.com


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