SUSC Blackbear Player Spotlight - Mackenzie Carter - 2001 Girls Premier

Brewer - November 8th, 2016

This is a first in a series of articles where Seacoast Blackbear will be sharing a Q&A with a selection of the clubs tenured players.  

First up we have Mackenzie Carter.  

Mackenzie is a Junior captain at Ashland High School who has recently won their second state championship in three years. During those three years, the Ashland native has accumulated an astonishing 112 goals in three high school varsity seasons while recording 52 this past fall season.

Mackenzie joined SUSC Blackbear in the fall of 2014, after scoring the game winning goal in overtime to help Ashland lift their first gold ball during her freshman season.  Mackenzie is currently on the SUSC Blackbear 2001 Girls Premier Team.

Check out the interview Seacoast United Blackbear thad with Mackenzie last week, before she embarked on her State Championship winning weekend:


SUBB: How long have you played with Seacoast Blackbear?

MC: This will be my third year playing with SUSC Blackbear.


SUBB: Who is your current club coach?

MC: Branden Noltkamper is my club coach.


SUBB: What is your favorite aspect about playing for Seacoast Blackbear?

MC: My favorite aspect of playing for SUSC, would have to be playing with other talented players who push me to get better.  There is nothing like competing on a field with teammates who all want you and the team to get better.


SUBB: Do you think the training sessions at SUSC have helped you become the player that you are today?

MC: The training sessions have helped me play and think quicker than I normally would and they have taught me more about the game. Especially patterns and scenarios that you would not normally notice when you are playing, but going through those in training sessions has opened my eyes to that in games.



SUBB: What about the level of play you experience with the New England Premiership?

MC: The games that I have played have helped me get better as well because we are playing against other teams that have a great amount of skill and technical ability.  When playing these games, you always have to focus and perform at your very best to be able to succeed. With that being said, competing at this level has helped me learn how to not only play up to this standard, but also play against and beat that standard of team as well.


SUBB: What are your biggest obstacles when you play for a club like Seacoast?

MC: I think the biggest obstacle for me is living so far away, (close to 300 miles round trip) but that also shows the love I have for the game and the support that I have from my family and friends.  I know it’s what I have to do to find a level of play to test my abilities and make sure I always keep pushing myself.


SUBB: What advice would you give to any young player who is thinking about playing club soccer?

MC: For anyone thinking about playing club soccer I would say if you have the opportunity then do it, because it will open your eyes. It opened my eyes to a different style of play and I think that has helped me grow as a player. Playing for a club team, I think, helps you achieve greater things than you would at the interscholastic level.


SUBB: What are some of your favorite moments since joining Blackbear?

MC: I would have to say that my favorite moments, are any moment that I am able to help make an impact on the team and help us be the best that we can be.


SUBB: Who is the player you look up to the most in professional soccer?

MC: I watch the women's national team a lot and I look up to them all, but I would have to say Carli Lloyd is someone that stands out to me. She is able to make a huge impact on the field,  on/off the ball. She is someone that can finish when she needs to, but also helps make the players around her better and get them involved as well.


SUBB: Do you have plans after high school and graduate from club soccer?

MC: I plan on playing in college after high school, but I am still not sure what college I am going to or what I want to go for yet.  I know that with the help and recruitment exposure I can get with Seacoast United Blackbear, that I will make the best choice for my future, on and off the field.


Seacoast United Blackbear wuld like to thank Mackenzie for taking the time out to speak with us last week, about her time at the club and how he experiences have helped her with her High School program.  

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