Seacoast United Maine North and Hampden Recreation Department Team Up for Fall Soccer!

Brewer, July 10th 2017


Seacoast United Maine North are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Hampden Recreation Department, which will commence in Fall of 2017, with the vision of enhancing the soccer learning and playing experience for the many participants local soccer program.

A branch of Seacoast United Maine, and formerly known as Seacoast United Blackbear, Seacoast United Maine North provides opportunities for every budding soccer player in the area to receive a soccer education from its professional coaching staff, regardless of their demographic or background. 


Speaking about the recent partnership agreement with Hampden Recreation Department, Seacoast United Maine North, Club Director, Pete McDonnell explained how there are promising times ahead for the program and the club, “The vision of Seacoast United Maine, has always been to serve the local soccer community with the utmost professional means of soccer coaching available… We are excited to bring our knowledge and experience to such a dynamic and prosperous group, as the Hampden Recreaction Department and its young soccer players and we are all looking forward to watching their players and families develop a true passion and understanding for the game we all love.”


Recreation Director, Shelley Abbott expresses how the Town of Hampden and Hampden Recreation Department are very excited for this upcoming opportunity for the community that we serve.  “Seacoast United Maine North will be able to bring a new level of coaching expertise to our very popular fall program that will allow students and families enjoyment of the game with an emphasis on small group play and skill improvement for success."


As is with the case of every community partner of Seacoast United Maine, the aim for the coaching staff is raise the level of the entire program and enhance the passion and involvement in soccer, as a whole.  During the Fall season of 2017, Seacoast United Maine North will work closely with the Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs within the Hampden Recreation Department, and roll out a fun, dynamic and challenging learning environment, which will include many games and small-sided matches, to maximize player participation and enjoyment throughout. 


Seacoast United Maine North, will also add a number of coach and parent education evening, at their facility in Brewer, in order to assist the growth in knowledge of the volunteers and facilitators to the children within the program, another vital aspect of the continued growth within any youth soccer program, according to McDonnell; “Development of any youth soccer program, goes way beyond the players on the field… Parents and volunteers play a vital role in the development of the children in soccer and sport and we will look to add value to their experiences, by supplying them with some tools that they can use to promote a positive and healthy learning environment in soccer, for their children.”


Seacoast United Maine North will kick-off its partnership with Hampden Rec Department, this Fall and they will look to facilitate groups of players in the future, across the grades of Pre-K through 5th grade. 


If you would like to know more about the partnership with Seacoast United Maine North and Hampden Recreational Department, please contact Club Director, Pete McDonnell or Shelley Abbott, Recreation Director,


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