Seacoast United Blackbear is committed to giving back to the community. One way we strive to do this is by continuing to develop the game of soccer and provide enjoyable playing opportunities for all members of the community. Blackbear’s coaching staff has diverse experience in athletics and education and want to provide our wealth of knowledge and expertise to anyone looking for assistance.  

Our resources are available to any town interested in our services.  Blackbear works closely with the town program coaches, from the recreational level to travel and beyond.  Opportunities for coaching education are available to area town coaches who are interested in furthering their knowledge and ability to teach the game.  In many cases, Blackbear will develop a curriculum to create consistency in the development of skills and growth of each community or team or come in and do guest coaching/practice sessions.  Blackbear also offers a wide range of youth clinics and summer camps to provide players with opportunities to participate throughout the year.

Blackbear coaches, players, and parents also volunteer their time giving back to the community.  Soccer is an amazing game and a great way to be active; that is why Blackbear works hard to give every child at all levels a chance to experience it.


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